Genocide conviction in the Hague: A win for the forces of resilience and persistence

TARSY AndrewGenocide conviction in the Hague: A win for the forces of resilience and persistence
by Andrew TARSY
5 April 2015

I was attending a conference in Northern Ireland in 2014 when I met a genocide survivor over my morning coffee. After arriving in Belfast on an overnight flight, I walked in groggy to an unfamiliar conference center. I filled a cup with something dark and strong and sat down next to a friendly-looking gentleman. Read more

Boston needs to get a few things right, right now

TARSY AndrewBoston Needs to Get a Few Things Right; Right Now
by Andrew TARSY
31 May 2015

As I wrote in a piece just published in the New England Journal of Public Policy, the “hub of the universe” is in a major transition and can get inspiration and real ideas from some unlikely sources, if its leaders are willing to look. Under new leadership for the first time in twenty years, there are clear signs of good intentions, which of course, is never enough. Read more

Promises matter but sharing engenders trust


TARSY AndrewPromises matter but sharing engenders trust: Reflections of a gathering of cities in transition
by Andrew TARSY
9 November 2014

The outpouring of love for former Boston Mayor Tom Menino was a deeply touching reminder that Boston is a city in transition. As our business and civic leaders get to know a new mayor and a new governor as well, opportunity knocks. In times like these inspiration can come from unlikely sources. Read more