Srebrenica remembered

O'MALLEY PadraigSrebrenica remembered
by Professor Padraig O’MALLEY for Forum for Cities in Transition
15 July 2015

Over the weekend ceremonies were held in Srebrenica to mark the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. Over 8,000 Bosniaks — Muslim men and boys — were mass murdered by the Serb Bosnian army. Srebrenica was a UN designate safe haven. Thousands had taken refuge in a dilapidated building adjacent on the outskirts of the town, ostensibly under the protection of UN Dutch peacekeepers. But the “peacekeepers” failed abysmally in their responsibilities, not just as peacekeepers but as human beings. After brief argumentation with Serb commanders they handed over the herded people, lambs to the slaughter. Read more

International peace forum descends on Belfast (International Fund for Ireland)

FCT Belfast Chair, Councillor Tim Attwood, addresses members
FCT Belfast Chair, Councillor Tim Attwood, addresses members

International peace forum descends on Belfast
Fund Focus, newsletter for the International Fund for Ireland
1 June 2015

Late last year, the International Fund for Ireland welcomed the fifth annual Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) to Belfast for a series of discussion on the theme of “promoting reconciliation through resilience”. The Chair of FCT Belfast, Councillor Tim Attwood, shares his experiences from the event. Read more

Boston needs to get a few things right, right now

TARSY AndrewBoston Needs to Get a Few Things Right; Right Now
by Andrew TARSY
31 May 2015

As I wrote in a piece just published in the New England Journal of Public Policy, the “hub of the universe” is in a major transition and can get inspiration and real ideas from some unlikely sources, if its leaders are willing to look. Under new leadership for the first time in twenty years, there are clear signs of good intentions, which of course, is never enough. Read more

Women and Conflict: Tripoli Film Festival


Women and Conflict: Tripoli Film Festival
by Allan LEONARD, Nancy RIORDAN and Emanuela DEL RE for Forum for Cities in Transition
7 May 2015

“Women and Conflict” was the theme to which the recent Tripoli Film Festival dedicated a special event, with the screening of a selection of out-of-competition films. Elias Khlat, festival director, is also a member of the Tripoli group of the Forum for Cities in Transition. Read more

Akinci’s victory: A salute to Cypriot reunification

LOIZIDES NeophytosAkinci’s victory: a salute to Cypriot reunification
by Neophytos LOIZIDES for Open Democracy
6 May 2015

A couple of years back few would expect that a retired politician associated with a small leftist party would make a resounding comeback to politics. But the Cypriot public has questioned partition again and again by electing prominent pro-unification figures. Read more