The primacy of dialogue: Michael Doherty

LEONARD Allan NIFThe primacy of dialogue: Michael Doherty
by Allan LEONARD for Forum for Cities in Transition
2 September 2016

The refurbished premise of the Holywell Trust was the venue for a lunchtime conversation about the Maiden City’s involvement with the Forum for Cities in Transition. Attending were two dozen local citizens, from all walks of life — active community workers, a retired doctor, and simply the curious. Read more

Internal displacement in Iraq: Internally displaced persons and disputed territory

RIORDAN NancyInternal Displacement in Iraq: Internally Displaced Persons and Disputed Territory
by Nancy RIORDAN (University of Massachusetts Boston)
1 February 2016


The protracted conflict in Iraq has led to one of the highest internal displacements of people worldwide. With data from the International Organization for Migration’s Displacement Tracking Matrix and other sources, geographic information system methods were applied to investigate the quantitative and spatial characteristics of Iraq’s internally displaced persons (IDPs). Based on this analysis, significant numbers of IDPs were found to be displaced among the disputed territories of northern Iraq. The findings of this analysis, when paired with additional research, poses serious complications not only for the security of Iraq’s IDPs but also for the country. The proliferation of militias and ISIL into these territories will prolong the wider conflict and intensify the territorial dispute between the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government, in particular the final status of At-Ta’mim (Kirkuk) governorate.

You can read the full article at the New England Journal of Public Policy:

Nancy Riordan is Co-Secretariat of the Forum for Cities in Transition.

Genocide conviction in the Hague: A win for the forces of resilience and persistence

TARSY AndrewGenocide conviction in the Hague: A win for the forces of resilience and persistence
by Andrew TARSY
5 April 2015

I was attending a conference in Northern Ireland in 2014 when I met a genocide survivor over my morning coffee. After arriving in Belfast on an overnight flight, I walked in groggy to an unfamiliar conference center. I filled a cup with something dark and strong and sat down next to a friendly-looking gentleman. Read more

Padraig O’Malley receives prestigious Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award

Padraig O’Malley receives prestigious Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award
by Nancy RIORDAN
8 December 2015

FCT director, Professor Padraig O’Malley  was awarded the Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award from the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) at Tufts University on December 8th 2015. Read more

Global Forum for Marginalized Youth to be held in Mitrovicë / Kosovska Mitrovica

FCT Director Padraig O’Malley Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Petrit Selimi, Kosovo’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Prishtina Kosovo on 14 October 2015. The MOU commits the Kosovo MFA to a cooperative collaboration with the Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) with a view to establishing a Global Forum for Marginalized Youth (GFMY), in Mitrovicë / Kosovska Mitrovica.

The forum will meet every year in Mitrovicë / Kosovska Mitrovica where disenfranchised & permanently unemployed/underemployed youth from across the globe will gather annually to discuss their rights, collective values & discuss ways in which their lives can be given dignity & meaning, making them part of a cause greater than themselves & find innovative ways to improve the conditions in which they live. The founding conference will be held in 2016 at a date to be determined.