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MIU courses, partly run under the International Communities Organisation, equip individuals with the relevant business and life skills to make tangible contributions to their communities. Every programme is underpinned by practical and business-driven research, which ensures that we are providing job-oriented courses. Courses are also designed to be flexible, therefore students should be able to study part-time.



  • Access to education without the traditional infrastructural costs needed for formal classrooms
  • Enriching workplace environments with complementary training courses to increase the skill set of the labour force
  • Improvements in efficiency and productivity by shortening the time needed to adopt new ideas and techniques
  • E-learning tools can also dramatically improve retention with the use of creative videos, slideshows, and games.
  • Facilitates access to information by pooling together the most important material to reach attainment more efficiently

MIU Invites FCT Members to Register!

MIU is looking for students who are driven, enthusiastic and have the necessary skills to complete the courses but most importantly have a commitment to make a difference both within their communities and across community boundaries. Students with:

  • proficiency in English
  • access to a computer and working broadband network
  • drive and enthusiasm
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • successful completion of secondary education.

If you are interested please email [email protected] with your name, age and a little bit about yourself (please include educational background)! We look forward to hearing from you!