FCT Impact Fund is delivered by ICO-Impact which is an investment programme available to local governments, cities and regions to enable cross-cultural development. By partnering with private sector businesses and

facilitating the investment process, FCT members can use their local autonomy to implement projects.

Member Cities can source and nominate businesses which can numerically demonstrate the capacity to grow quickly, operate across communities, increase employment and generate a positive social impact overall.

To qualify, businesses will have to pass through a due diligence process in which their business plan, financials, management team and potential for impact will be analyzed both internally and by third party investment

advisers. Successful applicant businesses will show a robust business plan, a validated growth plan, market traction and most importantly a strategy for how they will support cross community projects. This support will

have to be illustrated in number of ways through: the donation of profits to FCT approved projects, internal policies which reflect values of inclusion, sustainability and collaboration as well through civic outreach programs

that allow employees to support community needs. Key sectors of interest include, fintech, education, healthcare, infrastructure and energy but not limited to.

Please read objectives and methodology here.