“FCT has enabled us to establish deep relationships and working connections between professionals of the city council and community leaders in order to implement initiatives to better address challenges of conflict transformation and disagreements in diverse groups in Jerusalem.”

Tal Kligman, Group Facilitator and Project Manager · ‎The Jerusalem-Inter Cultural Center

List of FCT Jerusalem Achievements

The City of Jerusalem has participated in three conferences of the Forum of Cities in Transition, the first in Kosovo and the other two in Northern Ireland. The forum has assisted us in a number of different ways: learning, creating essays/connections, promoting projects, influencing the public space and changes between the Palestinian and Jewish communities in Jerusalem.

  • The forum allowed us to create deep and effective working relationships with representatives from the Jerusalem Municipality, which we connected to the initiative of the Forum. The joint stay at the conference allowed us to examine and discuss important Jerusalem issues and challenges and formulate tailored solutions as the delegation included participants from the east and west of the city from the municipality and non-profit organizations of civil society.
  • The forum exposed us to a lot of information and tools we acquired from the lectures and the many conversations with representatives of the various countries. We became acquainted with various models for dealing with challenges related to the divided city and were exposed to the successes that influenced the way we work in Jerusalem.
  • The forum allowed us to establish contacts with key people from various fields from a variety of countries, including countries in which Israel is in constant conflict. Beyond the experience, it was an opportunity for meaningful learning for the members of the delegation.
  • During the time of the forum, we formulated initiatives that were implemented, as part of the municipal work plan, after our return to Jerusalem. The initiatives affected daily life in the east of the city and relations between the communities.

Sample initiatives (partial list only):

  • Reducing gaps in East Jerusalem – improving physical and social
  • Addition of new community workers to the east of the city
  • Creating leisure activities and classes for children and youth
  • Pedagogical rehabilitative framework for youth
  • Program for parents and children
  • Drug-related program – prevention and information
  • Program for dealing with violence – prevention and information
  • Community gardens (for residents to meet)
  • Accompanying families with children with needs
  • Construction of 5 more schools in the east of the city
  • A new center for hearing impairments
  • 3 sports halls
  • Paving access roads in complex neighborhoods combined with public
    participation work to address objections
  • Construction in a private area using local manpower (construction of
    fences, retaining walls, etc.).
  • Establishment of new emergency teams + retention and development of
    existing teams
  • Connection with the Deri-Londonderry police on the subject of police
    community work
  • Connection with the German team around the issue of urban planning as away to create a meeting between communities