Forum for Cities in Transition is officially represented by  SHiFT who consists of members of its Board  (Bilal Al Ayoubi, Omar Assaf, Allisar el Sayed and Bilal Hussein) and such persons as the Board appoints for a specific task. SHiFT is a social innovation hub leading the transformation of post-conflict and/or marginalised zones towards peaceful and prosperous communities. It brings people together and bridges differences through building capacities, raising awareness, creating opportunities, promoting success models and mentoring.

Stating FCT Tripoli in their bylaws gives a legal representation at local level through this registered non profit organisation in Lebanon.

FCT Tripoli aims to help launching opportunities for cross-community  interaction in businesses, education and programmes that will tackle poverty . For that we launch partnership projects through education and impact fund services that ultimately contribute to the implementation  FCT Tripoli Road Map and works enabling cross-community groups from varying economical, social and religious backgrounds to come together and engage in activities together.

Previous Pledges that are implemented by FCT Tripoli can be found in this list.

FCT Tripoli Pledges and Projects Updated Nov 2020