June 15, 2017

FCT Tripoli have publicly released their report: “THE ROAD MAP TO RECONCILIATION IN TRIPOLI: CREATING AN INCLUSIVE PROCESS FOR LAUNCHING A COMMUNAL RECONCILIATION IN TRIPOLI,” that will serve as a reference for their work in the coming years.

FCT Tripoli member Bilal Al Ayoubi, a senior researcher on the report noted: “It is without doubt a great honor for us to have reached this phase for the cause of peace in our beloved city but we should always be grateful for all of you who inspired us to take the leap of faith and dare to try. But also our utmost gratitude is to Professor O’Malley and all the team of experts who gave from their time to help us analyze and think through the details of this process.”

FCT Tripoli announced this is the first step in a very very long road that they are willing to walk and have produced a document that for now, will serve as a draft for what will keep changing as the context, challenges, and opportunities change.

The full report and acknowledgements can be found here: The Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli_May2017(1)

*Photo credit BlogBaladi August 19, 2015