August 23rd 2013: Tripoli

Eklat Conseils, in association with Impact Media Group, presents August 23rd 2013: Tripoli, a film by Elias Khlat:

[wpvideo d5fQP3Zp]

On Friday August 23, 2013 when worshipers were finishing their noon prayers at Taqwa mosque, a car bomb exploded. Taqwa mosque, located at the northern entrance of Tripoli, Lebanon, and bordering the highly volatile neighbourhood of Tebbeneh, was devastated along with the surrounding commercial area. Seven minutes later, another car bomb exploded in front of Salam mosque on Mina Street, which is located near the southern entrance of the city. Both bombs caused 50 deaths and over 500 wounded, along with millions in commercial losses. The consequences were catastrophic for Tripoli, but civil society organisations quickly responded and helped create a positive momentum.

The film shows how the city and its people survived these disasters, despite the massive human and material losses. The film tries to answer many questions and to document and preserve the incredible human spirit and sense of unity that emerged under the auspices of the “Coalition of Campaigns Against Violence in Tripoli”. The movies stands as a testament of the solidarity among the citizens of Tripoli at a crucial time in history.