Work of the International Fund for Ireland showcased at Cities in Transition conference

Work of the International Fund for Ireland showcased at Cities in Transition conference
by Forum for Cities in Transition
25 May 2011

Work of the International Fund for Ireland (IFI) will be showcased on the third day of the second annual conference of the Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT). Participants from twelve cities across four continents that have been divided by violence will participate in the conference, which will be held in the Guildhall this week.

The FCT brings together citizens from cities divided by conflict, with the aim of encouraging mutual learning, dialogue and the resolution of conflict through non-violent methods. The Forum works on the principle that cities in conflict or emerging from conflict are in the best position to help other cities in the same situation. The Derry-Londonderry Forum is a founding member of the FCT.

Chairperson of the Derry-Londonderry Forum, Angela Askin, said:

“The International Fund for Ireland, as both a funder and as a partner in this conference has worked tirelessly over the last 25 years to bring the two communities of Northern Ireland and the border region together. We wanted the IFI to come to the conference and illustrate the practical programmes that have had a positive contribution on community relations, peace building and reconciliation throughout the border areas.

We wanted to show delegates the type of projects that have been implemented in Northern Ireland, and the positive impact they have had on peace building, giving them practical learning to bring home to their own cities.”

Throughout Wednesday, IFI staff and agents of the IFI will showcase their projects and programmes focusing on building foundations, building bridges, building integration, economic development and leaving a legacy. Throughout the day delegates will break into small workshops to discuss what they have learned from the IFI, and examine ways that they could bring back the learning to their own communities.”


Notes to editor:

About the International Fund for Ireland:

  • The International Fund for Ireland is an independent international organisation established by the Irish and British Governments in 1986. The Fund’s main objectives are to promote economic and social advance and encourage contact, dialogue and reconciliation between unionists and nationalists throughout Ireland.
  • Contributors to the Fund are the United States of America, the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Since its inception, the Fund has committed more than £668m/€838m to a wide variety of projects in Northern Ireland and the southern border counties. Developing and funding initiatives that tackle segregation and promote integration to build a lasting peace in Northern Ireland and the southern border counties is a key priority for the Fund.

About the Forum for Cities in Transition:

  • Delegates from each city include Mayors, Councillors, Municipal Officers, Business Representatives and Representatives from the community and voluntary sector.
  • Approximately 70 delegates from across the world will attend the conference.
  • Names of the participating Cities: Beirut, Belfast, Derry~Londonderry, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kaduna, Kirkuk, Mitrovica, Mitte, Mostar, Nicosia and Ramallah
  • The conference is funded by Department of Foreign Affairs, International Fund for Ireland, American Ireland Funds and Monitor, Boston.

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