Possible bridges of cooperation in Mitrovica (M-Magazine)

Possible bridges of cooperation in Mitrovica
24 May 2011

Londonderry, 24 Maj – Representative of Forum Mitrovica, Valdete Idrizi, said today that communities in Mitrovica could build bridges of cooperation, because the bridges are build by the communities that are deeply divided by ethnic Albanian and Serbian communities in Kosovo.

Idrizi which participates in the second international conference, “Cities in Transition” in Londonderry in Northern Ireland, said that it is very important to be familiar with the situation in cities similar to Mitrovica the way in which these cities came out from the problems facing the Kosovar city.

“Communities in Mitrovica may build bridges of cooperation, as we have seen the community who were deeply divided by the Serbian and Albanian, ” she said Idrizi.She pointed out that at this moment this requires political will and that after that will be normal city of Mitrovica, which as such is attract the investors and go the way of economic recovery.

In Northern Ireland during the international conference called “The Cities in Transition”, in which participate delegates from Beirut, Belfast, Mitrovica, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kirkuk, Kaduna, Mostar, Nicosia, Ramallah, Mite and the host city Londonderry. Aim of the Forum is to improve the lives of citizens in divided cities, and the first conference, “of Cities in Transition” was held last year in Mitrovica.

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